Follow This Blog?

Several people have emailed me for assistance in either publicly following this blog through Blogger/Google, Networked Blogs, or email subscription. Here's help!

Blogger's Dashboard/Google

To follow Bright Nepenthe or any blog through Blogger's Dashboard and Google, all you need is your email address and a plan.

Sign up for a Blogger account using your present email address. All you need to do is come up with a faux blog name (since they eliminated the Skip option on setting up a blog). Once you have set up an account with Blogger, you'll click on Dashboard in the upper right hand side of your browser and you'll see the option to upload a picture. You can keep it at bare-bones information if you covet your privacy.

To follow Bright Nepenthe, just look at the Reading List panel below your profile info in Dashboard. Select the ADD button and add Select public or private following. Now whenever you log into Blogger's dashboard you will be able to see Bright Nepenthe's most recent posts.

You should probably add all the Comtesses blogs. Really. It will be good for you.

Networked Blogs

If you use facebook, all you need do to see Bright Nepenthe in your news feed is to add:

or if you don't want to be Bright Nepenthe's friend (*sob*) you can just go straight to Networked Blogs:

Just click on Follow and you're officially following Bright Nepenthe. You can also check out all the cool people Bright Nepenthe follows and follow them too. Like, for instance, Cynical Nymph or Forever in Hell or The Literate Kitty or Waltz in Exile.

You really should.

Email Subscription

If you're way shy (waves hello to a good 25 people) you can follow by email. About a third of the way down all the tchotchkes on the right hand column, you'll see the cute little box that says:

Enter your email address and you'll be asked to confirm with a Captcha letter string, and then confirm an email to start receiving BN by email.

The downside of the email form of the blog: you lose the rich color contrast on the black background and some of BN's content does NOT work and is UNSEEN in email. So if you get an email that doesn't make sense or has a post that looks empty, click on the colored font title and go look at it in your browser window.

If you need help with this, or with adding anyone's blog to your reader, etc., just email me at Payment for assistance may be billed in otter images needed. ;)

And hey, thanks for visiting.