About This Blog

Bright Nepenthe is a social justice kind of blog. Passions include child welfare, mental health, affordable healthcare, a woman's right to choose abortion, civil rights, general women's rights, gay rights (including the right to marry and the right to adopt), human rights, animal rights, science, evolution and occasionally I'll throw in a post that is atheist in tone. (Note: I'm not in the business of telling you what to believe in and I'll kindly ask you not to tell me what to believe.) Why nepenthe? You may need some nepenthe after reading some of what I write about. But you shouldn't really forget about some of the important social issues I discuss.

Marzie was raised by lapsed (aka "failed") Catholics. She religion-surfed and seriously tried Buddhism for a time, got a PhD in physical chemistry, and now refers to "God" as the Quantum Field from which all things arise. She is a Guardian ad Litem in Florida, permanent legal guardian of two disabled adults, and a mother of three (youngest adopted from the foster care system at age 8, two adult stepchildren, hers since the age of 4).  She also has five six cats, an Aussie Shepherd and two house rabbits. Marzie is a somewhat centrist social democrat with grave doubts about capitalism and its potential to buy Supreme Court decisions and political influence. Marzie has traveled widely, including to several Islamic countries and thinks that one's only moral superiority when discussing those countries should come from a position that begins with basic human rights, including women's rights as humans. Needless to say, Marzie is also a feminist.

Marzie has been known to go on hiatus for weeks or even months. Sorry about that.

Feel free to comment on this blog's posts if you don't agree with them, but do so in a civil manner which does not include death threats or insults. 

Thanks for reading Bright Nepenthe...