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Jen B.

Jen B. is a a geochemist/coastal process geologist who specializes in assessment/remediation of soil/groundwater contamination. Or, as she calls herself, a Jill-of-All-Trades environmentalist. Her direct experience of trying to aid in the Deepwater Horizon oil spill is posted here:

Ragnarok and Armageddon Combined

Water: Jen's Reality Check on the Issue of Water

Sally E.

SallyE, aka Salsta, has qualifications in business administration and environment science and is a climate change presentor with The Climate Project in Australia. She likes to think she takes a balanced approach to the environmental issues facing society.


Thelma Lee Gross, DVM

Thelma Lee is an internationally known veterinary pathologist and teaching textbook author who also is a passionate advocate for humane market and farming conditions. She has written and advocated for almost a decade on the subject. You can read her posts here:

Playing the Culture Card, Live Markets and the Politics of Food

Marketing Cruelty

Eating Animals 1

Eating Animals 2

Eating Animals 3