Sunday, December 4, 2016


Nepenthe by Loui Jover

In recent years, I lost my love affair with blogging. I came back to this space occasionally, for moments of needed catharsis, often feeling that writing about my cares made me forget my cares. (Nepenthe, get it?) But with the current political climate making me once again feel that it is something like civic duty to speak out about science, facts, the state of country and its impact on our world, I feel as if Bright Nepenthe has become too personal a space to address issues of relevance in the the post-truth world. Truth and Facts and Science have become such controversial things. And so, I have started a new blog, ad capere scientiam in order to blog factually about important things like global warming, climate change, the environment, vaccines, race, gender, orientation and why gay conversion is the stupidest idea ever. Bright Nepenthe isn't going away. It's still a place where I will write from time to time about feeling and being. But I hope that you will join the discussion at the new blog, since it's a critical time in our country and in the world.

© Bright Nepenthe, 2016

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