Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It's Been A While, Hasn't It?

Can I just start by saying this makes me incredibly happy. I smile just looking at it. It's today's POD on NatGeo:

Fox, Washington

Photograph by Alexander Glass, Your Shot
This Month in Photo of the Day: Animal Photos
Young fox seen near the path up to Paradise at Mount Rainier in Washington state

Anyway, with all the stuff going on, from pedophile priests in Philly* to LA (you know that one, the pedophile/sex addict who was on the sexual abuse advisory board for his Archdiocese and the Church knew he was a pedophile?), upheaval everywhere you look in the Middle East (even Libya isn't immune?) to the despicable tactics being threatened for women's shelters in Afghanistan that will likely strip women and girls of all vestige of safe haven, there has been a lot to blog about and I've not been blogging.  Thelma Lee's GMO post is almost ready to put up, but also hasn't been. Basically, my hands and arms have not been cooperating much. I herniated a disc last month and things haven't been great in the ole left arm since, and those pesky arthritic hands o'mine are also an adventure and a half. Plus, there's been all that life stuff, like taking that Troll O'Mine up to Orlando to visit with his bio-sister and nieces, or getting ready to take my daughter to NC so she can interview for pharmacy school (squee! good program), or doing stuff that's easy off the iPad, like ordering my corset for a steampunk convention. So basically, it's been Mr. Toad's Wild Ride around here. The GMO series is forthcoming, with point and counterpoint, and suggested reading and films besides. Really it is.

'Til then, just look at that fox. I don't know what the British were thinking with all those fox hunts, do you? Look at that face. Who could lead dogs on a chase to tear such an animal apart? If I thought I could get away with it, I'd want a fox as a pet. And a hedgehog. And definitely an otter. Otters are indispensable. And now foxes, too.

*Three priests just put on leave and 37 with cases to be reexamined after a grand jury investigation says that the Philadelphia Archdiocese has *gasp* covered up and shuffled assignments of pedophile priests. OMQF I am stunned, stunned, I tell you! 

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