Wednesday, September 7, 2011

In love with Pink, Hugs, Styn

Regular Bright Nepenthe contributor Thelma Lee Gross will be giving us a post about John 'Halcyon' Styn of Life Student/HugNation

But until that post hits us, I just want to offer you this bit of Styn. An interesting take on sexuality, gender, public perceptions, private business and a taking back of the color pink. For any gender that might happen to want it...

What if it was just okay to be happy and to like what you like?

(Gosh, that makes me start thinking about what it might be like if you could just love who you love, no questions asked.)

{Gosh the Second, that makes me wonder if you could just marry who you wanted, few, if any questions asked.}

[Gosh the Third, that makes me think that maybe gender isn't all that important when it comes to love, marriage, children, colors and names and things like that. Oh my!]

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