Friday, November 4, 2011

Wow, These Protestors....

I really wish these OWS people would get it together and have a clearer message. They're just a bunch of... Oh... Wait a minute...


Mais Non!!!! Anything but that! Now they're not even just talking about corporations... political accountability? No!

As for corporate greed knowing no bounds, hey, they aren't fooling people. At least not in my family.

Two Weeks Ago in a Publix parking lot- A conversation with my 15 year old about his sister's BOA account and why she is upset with their planned (now backpedaled) policy of charging for use of a BOA debit card:

Me: "No, it's not like a credit card because you're not using their money until you pay your bill off. It's funded with the money in your BOA checking account."

15YO: "Whoa... wait a minute... isn't that kind of like they are charging you to use your own money?"

Me: "I have such a bright child. BOA should talk to you, kiddo."

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