Sunday, September 5, 2010

How Your Electronic Equipment Is Linked to Mass Rape in Congo

You can read more about the link between conflict minerals and mass rape in CNN's interview with actress Ashley Judd. You can visit Raise Hope for Congo and participate in their initiative to urge major electronics manufacturers to use conflict-free minerals in their products.

I implore all my readers to find the strength to listen to Sheryl Crow's introduction on the Raise Hope For Congo music player below. Please, consider buying the mp3, which is filled with truly beautiful music. 









If you're anything like me, and an owner of multiple electronic devices, it is heartbreaking to think that all this equipment that we take for granted has so much bloodshed and horror at its core.

Please join me in urging all major manufacturers to source their material outside of Congo.

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  1. The really sad part is that there are reserves of tantalum in Canada and Australia as well as Congo.

    It's just mined in Congo because it's cheaper - and to make matters worse, roads constructed for the mines allow access to fresh reserves of bush meat, threatening gorillas and other endangered species.

    All for the sake of saving a tiny percentage (the quantity of tantalum needed per electronic piece is miniscule) of the cost of a new piece of electronics.