Friday, September 24, 2010


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Okay, for the past month and a half I've dealt with seriously ill parents (and I'm an only child), ill child with no discernible answer as to what's causing his health condition, messed up older kids (sorry, no further details, some read this blog), tragic situations with GAL youth, sad friends, while I personally felt miserable, health-wise, for a variety of reasons. Then there's that shameful execution in Virginia that I read about today, which I still struggle to understand. I feel like I have so much, and so much to be happy about in my life, and yet I can't help but feel that there is darkness all around me, around us. In my mind is the GAL youth, stabbed and lonely, so vulnerable. Healing badly and so very mentally ill. Other youth who can't even get their Medicaid straightened out while pregnant, injured and 18. Youth struggling to get funds they're entitled to but more worried that I'm at a Bank of America hostage-taking robbery. Yes, all around, there are people who have so much go wrong. Right here in the First World USA. Correspondents right here in the US, who are so horribly threatened and spammed by that person who plagues so many bloggers whether they seem on point or not. Or my correspondents from so-called third world countries who seem so despondent about hope for their future, though somehow they still care and want to hope for the world at large.

Yes, the world feels so off-kilter some days. All it takes is one thing to plunge you deep into the sad. Point being: Someone I know just lost a baby at 27 weeks and all I can say is that surprisingly, sad can go even sadder. Bad and sad. Yep. Bad and sad.

I suppose that in a world with Iran, Congo, Afghanistan and molesting Catholic priests that  it's not the end of the world. But for our friends it likely was so very much to bear and I feel for them. 

Anyway, the only high points this week? Gay adoption is legal in Florida. And my best friend is visiting.

Hip, hip.


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  1. ...and, don't forget, Rain. Sunshine. Flowers, Pets. Friendships.

  2. Thanks Uzza. They make it all more bearable, 'tis true...

  3. Abby Rockefeller said that life, with all its sadness, never quite succeeded in breaking her heart. I think what she was talking about was "floating". The world is a large body of water with muck lurking just beneath its surface (not unlike the Gulf, come to think of it). We float on the water and create a sort of happiness for ourselves, by enjoying the sparkling sun on the water, the birds overhead, the gentle breezes, the sounds of the waves and it's all lovely. But something is always there to pull you under. Think of the horrible, relentless plight of our meat sows, locked in crates, still making nesting movements with their sensitive snouts. Think of dairy cows lumbering around on sore feet, their babies snatched at birth. Not to mention the general plight of most human existence.

    Marzie immerses herself in the horror of the world on a daily basis to enlighten us, to educate us, and make us aware. And she does this while being pulled under by other heavy stones of her own life.

    Who is a saint? I say our own Pretty Pan.