Monday, April 2, 2012

10,000 Days

سلام به خوانندگان ایرانی من

United4Iran's Awareness Meeting in front of the US Capitol yesterday.

Yesterday, April 1st, marked the cumulative 10,000th day that seven Baha'i religious leaders in  Iran have been incarcerated for merely practicing their faith. There were gatherings in a number of cities around the world on their behalf. The 20 year sentence the Baha'i Seven face is a brutal one, especially when one considers the conditions faced by Iranian prisoners.

United4Iran, proponents of the Green Movement, democracy and religious and intellectual freedom in Iran have asked their subscribers to please send letters to promote the interests of the Baha'i Seven. These leaders of a peaceful faith which has long existed in Iran have paid a terrible price for not recanting their religion. You can join me in supporting their fight for freedom here. Also, you can contact your US Representative about signing on to House Resolution 134, which condemns the persecution of Baha'i, the largest religious minority group, in Iran.

I encourage readers to join United4Iran's Facebook page in support of their mission, a free and democratic Iran.

And hey, while you're at it, you might want to check out Israel Loves Iran and Iran Loves Israel, grassroots efforts on the part of citizens of these respective countries to forge positive feelings between their nations and people. Don't be cynical about it. Some of the posters desperately hope for peace between their countries. And, if you want an extra dose of something hopeful about the goodness there (still!) is in the world, check out the simple trailer from from the documentary Cultures of Resistance:

You can watch Cultures of Resistance on Video on Demand with many cable providers in the USA. It's listed under Documentaries.

Director Iara Lee continues to accrue film from reisistance movements worldwide. I'll be featuring some of the Cultures of Resistance videos from Iran in coming weeks but you can check their Vimeo site out yourself and see some of their moving video testimonies from around the world.

برای تو صلح و آزادی است.

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