Sunday, April 29, 2012

Palate Cleanser #179: Clematis Envy, Part 98

So, to enrich my weekend (which it did), Cynical Nymph sent me these. I mean, I mean... NYC, you inspire envy in soooooo many ways. But, after a week of giving myself blisters planting, planting, planting tropicals that I wish were temperates, this, this, makes my heart sing. I've got plenty of green grass people, but I don't have these...

Clematis on the Upper Eastside © Cynical Nymph

Still More Clematis on the Upper Eastside © Cynical Nymph

No, really people, this is growing on a fence near where she lives, on the streets of NYC. Sigh.

BTW- Personally, I'm thinking the Nymph isn't as cynical as she says she is, since she goes around photographing flowers and all. 

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Visual palate cleanser concept © Bright Nepenthe, 2012

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