Friday, October 1, 2010

It Gets Better: You Are Beautiful by Lex

What it's like to be gay/queer in middle and high school or even college? It appears awful enough so that this past week 13 year old Asher Brown and 18 year old Tyler Clementi committed suicide because of bullying, invasion of privacy or, just in general, despair that they would ever be accepted for who they are.  Though I'm not exactly a Dan Savage fan, his It Gets Better project seeks to help young people adjust to their sexuality and have hope that the future holds more for them than taunting, fear and loneliness. It's a marvelous thing that makes you hope that young people everywhere, struggling with their sexuality, or more than that, people's reactions to that one one small part of who they are watch these videos. 

One of the most eloquent videos I've seen in the project is that of Lex...

I'll feature videos every few days. please share them...

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