Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Palate Cleanser #124

Image credit: Ezra Freelove by way of Indiana Public Media

In a shout-out to [Redacted] Comtesse, this thing of beauty is an almost ultraviolet blue cornflower and I'm sharing it with you on #124. Share. Got that? 

I grew Bachelor's Buttons, or cornflowers as a child. They no longer thrive in the extreme conditions here in Florida but they evidently bloom big elsewhere, which is where this beauty was being touted... elsewhere, not *sob* in Florida. (TL if you start telling me that they grow like weeds in California, I will just cry...)

Also from Master Gardener Moya Andrew's article, Cicely Mary Barker’s Song of the Cornflower Fairy.

Mid scarlet of poppies and gold of the corn,
In wide-spreading fields were the cornflowers born;
But now I look round me, and what do I see?
That lilies and roses are now neighbors to me!
There’s a beautiful lawn, there are borders and beds,
Where all kinds of flowers raise delicate heads;
For this is a garden, and here, a Boy Blue,
I live and am merry the whole summer through.
My blue is the blue that I always have worn,
And still I remember the poppies and corn.

 I'm thinking that #124 is now in fine form, no?

visual palate cleanser and partial text © Bright Nepenthe, 2010

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