Friday, December 10, 2010

The Harsh Reality of Sakineh: *Not Free*

Remember this image from just yesterday?

That was supposed to be Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, free, in her garden at home.

Fact is, it was Sakineh, being televised while forced to "reenact her husband's murder" for Iranian TV. She's smiling because she's just so thrilled, I guess. Although, maybe just because they told her to? Um, yeah. That one, I think. Or... Maybe she's happy because her purported lover, Isa Taheri, who purportedly planned her husband's murder, is off scot free, while she's scheduled to be stoned/hanged/televised eternally saying she's guilty, until death prevents her from being forced to make anymore televised confessions?

Iran has fervently denied that Sakineh has been released. And I have to believe them on that one. The television program is apparently a direct missile to human rights supporters who believe it when her lawyers say her confession was coerced.

But Sakineh doesn't want you to believe her attorneys:

“They are taking my side unnecessarily, I do not consider them legitimate at all,” Ms. Ashtiani said in comments shown on domestic television in November that her lawyers have said were made under pressure during detention.
~as reported in The NY Times

Sadly, for the Iranian Republic's pseudojudicio-, defactoreligio- political regime, I don't believe Sakineh.

Do you?

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