Friday, December 3, 2010

Zee Palate Cleanser du Jour

This huge spider web was on the Otter Caves Path yesterday at Shark Valley. In our path, as it were. The web was truly glorious. Ellen and I spent at least ten minutes photographing it. I could make some Arachne comments but I need more coffee to do so, so you're safe.

Lest Les Comtesse think there were otters and that photos of otters were taken and not proffered, let me clarify that there were NO otters. Otters are seldom seen at Shark Valley, which is loaded with alligators. Really, the place ought to be called Alligator Valley, because there are also no sharks, since it is a fresh water swamp. The naming of things here in south Florida is quite paradoxical. I could get a lot of mileage out of the situation re: political issues, but like I said, I really need coffee.

Here are the 'caves' which are actually holes in the limstone shelf on the path itself.

But, so as not to disappoint Les Comtesses d'autre, here are otters:

The young otters - Otis, Eliza and Ella - have finally come out of hiding at the Edinburgh Zoo. 
from The Scotsman,  Image credit: DAVID MEIKLE

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