Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Palate Cleanser #138

What would I do without NatGeo? I would surely be a less sane individual. They are such a source of Nepenthe...

Lagoon, Iceland

Photograph by Mark Reimer, Your Shot
This Month in Photo of the Day: Travel and Adventure Photos
"I travelled around Iceland for two weeks with my girlfriend this past August. Jokulsarlon was my most highly anticipated place to photograph. It rained heavily the entire morning, but when we pulled our car up to the lagoon full of icebergs floating out to sea, the rain magically stopped right when I opened the door. I was blessed with the perfect photographic conditions: dead calm and gently overcast. This was my favourite shot of the day." ~ Mark Reimer

Visual palate cleanser concept © Bright Nepenthe, 2010

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