Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Special December Giveaway: Transformation

"I believe that whatever you go through, there is always new life, a new beginning. So even a bullet that has killed someone can be the same one to help a new generation." 

This December I am honored to be able to offer, in a random giveaway, an Akawelle pendant designed by Lovetta Conto, raising funds on behalf of Strongheart Fellowship House. Lovetta's design is a moving one. It is all about transformation. The pendant is formed from the end of a bullet casing and a leaf made from the recycled casing metal. The leaf is stamped "Life". The bullets are from Liberia and were fired during the war there, which ended in 2003. Bullet casings can still be found all over the place in Liberia today. (That should give you pause for thought. Exactly how many bullets were fired that there are still shell casings everywhere seven years later?) Lovetta and her family fled Liberia to Ghana when she was a toddler. When she went back to Liberia, to see where her family had lived and fled, all she saw were bullet casings everywhere she looked. Only Lovetta saw a way to transform them into something beautiful. Something that would help children and youth of her generation, who were displaced, refugees, lost, hoping for a better life and education.

You can watch Lovetta's story here:

My (True) Fairy Tale from Strongheart on Vimeo.

But no matter what you take away from this post, take with you Lovetta's quote about her design:

"I hope they remind each person who wears them that no matter what they’ve been through, they can rise."

~ Lovetta Conto

All you need do to be entered into the random drawing for this beautiful necklace is follow this blog on Google's Blogger Following or Facebook's Networked Blogs.* (Family members are excluded!) A winner will be chosen Sunday night at midnight. International followers are included but may not receive the item timely for a holiday gift, if won.

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