Saturday, May 8, 2010

More on the topic of eBooks, pricing and those pirated PDFs

There are so many interesting opinions to be found on the subject of Amazon, eBook price manipulation, release date manipulation and such. One of my recent blog perusers found me on a link that also led to:

And my lovely friend Sally sent me this gem from Aussie author Narrelle M. Harris. I'm ordering her book and showing it off here just because I like her classy, subtle and dry humored take on the issue. No cement bats for this lady...

All readers should remember that it's the authors who are affected by these battles far more than the readers. They get the emails, they get the pressure, they get the losses of royalties when eBooks aren't available and people start doing torrents of PDF files of their books or swapping them on share sites. If you're frustrated with Amazon or B&N or Sony or Apple about their price structure, their politics of reading materials, write THEM. Call them out on it. You, as the buying public have power that your favorite authors sadly do not have.

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