Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Realities of Adoption

My lovely friend Lynne who is based in the UK directed me to this excellent article by the BBC about the challenges of adoption. The comments following the article are really a panoramic view of adoption realities. The access to adequate resources is paramount when adopting a child, along with a pragmatic sense of the commitment you're making.

The story of Artyom/Justin continues to affect international adoptions, and adopters. The World Association for Children and Parents, the agency involved in overseeing Artyom's case here in the US filed a motion for a state investigation of abuse on the part of the adopters of the Russian child Artyom in a Tennessee Court yesterday. An article on Psychology Today's Blog says it all: with 40,000 international adoptions of children to the US each year, they ask: Are we helping them? One had better be pretty darn sure of what one does with an a child already coping with serious losses. Smithstein provides some great resources for adoptive families to peruse.

Any reader of this blog knows that I'm still very pro-adoption, in spite of the  real and honest difficulties that face any adoptive parent. If you can put resources in place and steel yourself, you're saving a child. As Abby Jones of Pennsylvania can express so eloquently for a 15 year old, "I saw Lidia and said, we can do this." She mentions the need to properly screen adoptive families. With so much at stake, even a sharp 15 year old can see the most crucial step to success. You can click on the photo to read more about Abby and her three Russian siblings and see a short video of their amazing family.

Abby Jones (photo credit: BBC)

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