Friday, May 14, 2010

Top Ten Things I Know and Love about DM aka David Mabus aka Dennis Markuze

10. He's got posts devoted to him on other blogs!
and is featured in our beloved PZ's Dungeon, convicted of insanity.

9. He loves Depeche Mode.

8. He has some serious issues with James Randi.

7. He luh him some Nostradamus.

6. He writes really interesting *cough* thoughts about things that appear directly related to your post topic *cough*.

5. David réside dans la région de Montréal.

4. His IP address is all over my blog and that of several friends' blogs, too. It's That's for The server he's surfing with is operating out of Granby, Quebec. Lots of forest around there. I'm hoping there are no, ahem, suspicious mounds of recently tilled soil.

3. I know a bit of stuff about his computer. Okay, maybe more than I want to say or he'd like my knowing in my atheist gay-friendly, Big Brotherish kind of way.

2. Clearly, I'm getting one step closer to serious blogging if Dennis/David/D has found me. (I'm just astonished, frankly!)

1. If I believe Matt Miller (and I so very much do...), the best (worst?) thing that I can tell DM is:

Dennis Markuze aka David Mabus - former computer salesman - Montreal, Canada.

please seek advice.
1-800-THERAPIST network

Montreal Psychology Office
Obtain help for depression, anxiety, smoking cessation, relationship issues, and more...

If you are more comfortable in a French speaking environment:

Luc Blain, psychologue clinicien
La vie est une succession d'événements qui amènent l'individu à les subir, à les nier, ou encore à les transformer pour les rendre digestes psychiquement. Dans le processus de transformation, la personne retrouve une plus grande liberté intérieure dans différentes dimensions de sa vie: capacité d'avoir du plaisir, d'aimer et d'être aimé, de s'épanouir dans un travail ou des activités.

And all I can say is, the fact that he posted on a day when I tried to do something nice for Rae is just so massively annoying. Which I guess is kind of the point about Dennis. He tries to annoy, and he did, but he annoyed a person who is just so over-the-top call it as she sees it lately that really, I think I'll be amazed if he comes back. Because Dennis, I know so much about you from your IP connection and a thorough search of the internet, that baby, whether you're trolling atheists or after straight people that support gay people (like me), or gay people or *gasp* gaytheists and their über tolerant atheist friends, I will mock you until you really just go away.

Simply isn't a comment that you can make that I can't twist around, dear. Simply isn't. And I'll keep recommending (heartfelt after all I've read) that you seek the help you need, dear man. Because really, I worry for you. I know that atheists are supposed to be all immoral or amoral (since there's no God threat standing over us as the only thing that is forcing us, nay DEMANDING of us, that we be good and all) but really, I don't like to think about suffering and what would have led you to track all over the internet with your issues. I feel for you. And I hope that you get what you need. Which is clearly (oh so, clearly) some help.

Book recommendation: The Heart Sutra might be a good one. 

"All Bodhisattvas rely on and abide in the perfection of wisdom; their minds have no obstructions and no fear. Passing utterly beyond perversity, they attain the final state beyond sorrow."

This I wish for you, DM. Fervently.

P.S. Dennis, I don't mean to annoy you, but really and honestly, there have been people reading my blog from the US Department of Homeland Security in recent days (I kid you not) because they seem fascinated with my bee and food posts. So, um, like seriously, maybe you should rethink commenting here. Because, you know...

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