Friday, May 28, 2010

Simply Wow....

I just love her. You can read more about Sonya Renee here

This video was found on a blog I'm not going to list here because frankly, I'd hate to think of what Darth Mabus might do with that URL.... Thanks to the friend, who I also won't name, that shared the blog with me.

It should be little surprise, given my passionate interest in child welfare, that I am extremely pro-choice. I see the results of unwanted and unplanned pregnancy all the time. It's called The Foster Care System.

And for anyone who wants to slam me with their righteous pro-life rhetoric in comments or emails, be sure to tell me how many children you've adopted. Because I'm very pro-life that's already here. Like instead of safeguarding the unborn, we ought to be safeguarding the already born. Every child deserves the grace of being wanted. And there's a choice involved there.


  1. You know, I was going to leap in and post a tongue-in-cheek how-dare-you-murder-babies rant (get in ahead of the rush)... and then I realized that I don't know you that well. So, well, just pretend like I did, and then pretend like it was funny.

    I really can't take the Pro-Life movement seriously. Whatever the individual members think, the movement itself seems to be devoted to reducing the number of abortions in the least efficient and most troublesome way possible. So, yeah, in principle I'd like to see the number of abortions reduced; in practice, I can only be Pro-Choice.

  2. LOVE. THIS. She speaks with all the passion and anger and frustration that so many women feel, but are too often unable to express.

    Why should any woman be hog-tied by an unplanned pregnancy? And why should it matter if said pregnancy occurred accidentally, was the result of a violent attack, or came about due to lack of education, or money, or simply poor judgment? Why should there be any distinction? The notion that another, wholly-uninvolved person thinks he/she is fit to make a decision--which, to Pro-Lifers, isn't even a decision, of course; it's just "Have teh Baybee (or you'll burn, you heathen!)"--is patently ludicrous.

    The crime is not that a woman gets pregnant; the crime is when she discovers that she has forfeited ownership of her own body to other people who "know best".

    There's a saying which goes something like "you never know what another man goes through unless you've walked a mile in his shoes". Those Pro-Lifers? Seriously need to step into every single pregnant woman's shoes. Would it change their minds? Probably not... but at least it might make them think twice.

  3. Michael, I'm pretending that I just gave you a shocked reply, okay. o_O to your entire rant. LOL

    I guess i have to take the Pro-Life movement and its proponents seriously. *Because* I'm a woman and because I have a 21 year old daughter who ought to have choices about what happens to her body in case her birth control fails or in case she gets raped. She ought to have the same choices as I've had. There are fewer and fewer OB/GYNs who are even trained to do abortions. And while in Florida the number of kids coming into the foster care system is in decline, I think the distasteful reason is largely that with all the budget cuts, fewer children are being removed. More children are left in horrendous conditions and more have died because of it. Certainly at a minimum it further entrenches the cycle of abuse.

    So I'm taking those Pro-LIfers really seriously. They're a potential cause of much misery. :(

  4. Glam, I guess the thing that is most upsetting to me is that some of the most outspoken Pro-Lifers I know ARE women. And of those of my acquaintance, how many have adopted someone else's unwanted and unaborted baby?


  5. @Marzie - "I guess i have to take the Pro-Life movement and its proponents seriously."

    Yeah, on that level we have to take them seriously. They're a serious problem. But, as I'm sure you realized, I was speaking more on the they-raise-valid-objections-that-we-must-address level - and on that level, no, I can't take the movement seriously.

    Because, again - want to make some real progress towards reducing the number of abortions? Reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies. That means education. That means access to birth control. That means backing off from the idea that forbidding something will keep it from happening.

    That probably also means eviscerating a few people who have a vested interest in keeping the "debate" unresolvable.

  6. OMQuantumField Michael! Next thing you'll be telling me that former vice presidential candidate's daughters not using birth control is a bad example for our society or something. GEEEZ LOUISE!

  7. Yeah, I know. It's a radical line of thought...