Saturday, May 15, 2010


Summer, Benton Shrine, Shiba by Kawase Hasui


  1. Doesn't that give you pause and provide just the loveliest sensation of calm and tranquility? Impossible to look at something like that and not feel more at peace. :)

  2. Benton or Benten is actually a goddess in Shinto lore. Here's her description. It's obvious as to why you would resonate with this image, considering Benton/Benten is it not?

    Benton/Benzaiten (弁才天 or 弁財天)

    Also known as Benten, she is the goddess of everything that flows: words (and knowledge, by extension), speech, eloquence, and music. Said to be the third daughter of the dragon-king of Munetsuchi, over the course of years she has gone from being a protective deity of Japan to one who bestows good fortune upon the state and its people.Derived from the equivalent goddess in Hinduism Goddess Saraswati.

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  4. Why, DM dear, I had NO idea that Kawase Hasui was also on your bad list. I mean a simple Japanese print? Who knew?

    I do hope you enjoyed the post devoted to you below. Heartfelt, really.

    Hugs and atheist good wishes to you! I'm just hoping that the quantum field brings you mental healthcare.