Saturday, August 28, 2010

Enough of that... Palate Cleanser #92

New growth at Angkor Wat
(Image: Marc Walker @

© Bright Nepenthe, 2010


  1. LOVE this photo. The textures, the colors, the mix of light and shadow... and life--unexpected, yet thriving. Beautiful. :)

  2. Evidently even the plants at Angkor Wat are atheistic.

  3. This picture is exquisite and full of hope. It's images like this that always remind me of how amazing nature is.

  4. Hey Dennis, I've spammed your Blogger account. Ha! I pulled comments for the last few months. Let's see if Blogger is worth their salt or not. If you try to post anything in your usual genre, with any Blogger account name, it is supposed to block you. Because it's

    Content aware...

  5. Dennis, Martins has pointed out my poor wording above. I have LABELED you posts spam in Blogger in an attempt to further block you. Clearly I cannot spam you (not that I have the inclination to...) since you don't have a blog!