Saturday, August 14, 2010

Since Dennis Can't Leave Me Alone, My Mood Is Even Better


1) My Mother may have cancer. (Worst Case Scenario, but you'd have to know specifics to know why it's likely....)

2) Evil Princess of Darkness Cat has destroyed a fortune in leather chairs.

3) Still trying to decide whether excessive force has been used on GAL youth I serve.

4) Husband wants to go to movies and I want to read. Makes me even grumpier.

5) Child is a lazy slug who complains miserably when not entertained.

6) Beloved cat is ignoring me because of grooming issues.

7) Dennis Markuze just won't leave me the hell alone whenever I'm down.

8) Got something with gluten contamination yesterday and feel like sh*t.

9) Have more stuff scheduled this coming week than are hours in the daytime to accomplish said same.

10) No time to work out = extremely cranky me.

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