Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sakineh Ashtiani Update: Adultery or Murder? Does it Even Matter?

The New York Times is reporting that Iranian authorities are now massaging the charges faced by Sakineh Ashtiani from adultery to murder. It is obvious from reading the statements that they previously didn't release the information about the murder angle, that Iranian authorities are not just desperate to kill Sakineh. They want to STONE her to death.

Late last month they were seeking to arrest Ashtiani's attorney, Mohammed Mostafaei. So they arrested his wife and brother-in-law because they couldn't find him fast enough, according to the Voice of America. They have questioned him extensively because of his defense of Sakineh. I haven't been able to really definitively see what Mostafael is charged with, other than opposing false charges and executions for them. He's definitely publicly opposed the execution of minors. But it seems likely that the real problem is that he's putting up such a good defense.

How desperate is this country to execute a woman victim in a gruesome fashion? How many lies will they tell to do it?

Shirin Ebadi has an excellent column in today's Wall Street Journal. It is temperate, rational, and all things that I wish I could be in writing about the barbarism that is Iranian justice.

At this point, looking at the shifting sands of their charges, the arrest of her attorney and all the lies, my only thoughts are that Iranian justice, at least for women, is the ultimate oxymoron.

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