Thursday, August 19, 2010

Palate Cleanser #87

Tidal Pool, Laguna Beach, CA
Image credit: sparkleinhereyes

© Bright Nepenthe, 2010


  1. Oh, thank you. After the current conversation over at Forever In Hell, I'm about ready to fall back into thinking that the vast majority of humanity should be consumed in a zombie apocalypse, devoured by Captain Tripps, or simply die by fire.

    Now I'm looking at all those funny plants and not-really-plants, and wondering if Fizzgig is going to lunge at me out of nowhere. I promise to fall back in the water melodramatically if that happens, but I'm a little too stout to make a good Gelfling. Plus, I have no musical ability.

    Pardon the irrelevancy. It's late, and I'm simultaneously hopeful about and thoroughly disgusted with my species. Looking at this post was a nice break from that.

  2. I love anemones!

    Just beautiful...