Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Florida Family Values

Well, I'm so proud to hale from a state with family values just built into their economic stimulus plan. Now if only those values were my values...

It's been all over the blogosphere this week that Florida wants to attract filmmakers back to our state with tax credits for film production costs. Except they are unwilling to squander their principles on "nontraditional family values". Hey, I come from a broken home. Is that non-traditional?

FLorida House Bill 697 has already sailed through the House Economic Policy Development Committee. FL State tax law already permits a tax credit of 15 percent of a movie's production costs, with an additional 2 percent available by request if it is "family friendly" film. That is defined as a movie suitable for a 5-year-old: It has "cross-generational appeal" and includes "a responsible resolution of issues." 

In my great state, smoking, sex, nudity and profane language as defined by the state's sex crime laws are prohibited, as are "obscene" productions (read porn). But that wasn't far enough. No, in the current climate of social justice (I'm imagining Glenn Beck just reeling at the thought) Rep. Stephen Precourt (R-Orlando) proposes that we boost the credit from 2 percent to 5 percent and expand the list of taboos to include any "exhibit or implied act" of nontraditional family values and gratuitous violence. So that means that any movie with a kid playing with his or her Benjie-dog, having adventures and then going home to his two mommies is simply not acceptable. So, too, the ABC/Disney-backed show Modern Family, Golden Globe nominated and highly lauded, TV-PG and on tonight at 9 pm. It is just too risque with its, um, non-traditional family in the mix. Tonight's episode definitely sounds edgy. The synopsis reads: Phil invites his high school girlfriend (Judy Greer) to the house; Jay accidentally kills Manny's pet turtle, then goes to extremes to cover his tracks; overworked Mitchell stands up to his boss. Whew! [wipes brow] Sounds pretty steamy. I guess they won't be doing a FL vacation show... Yeah, I'm thinking Hawai'i sounds better anyway for those Hollywood (CA) types.

Nothing like knowing how to make yourself popular. Or how to secure what little industry business you've got by not trying to couple broad political statements and party agendas along with backhanding the very industry you're trying to persuade.

Yeah, it's all Florida, all the way, if you ask me.

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