Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Irish Thing

Yes, I'm going to go all Irish on you. The Kelly, O'Leary, Wilson and Lapping blood will out. But mostly, since I'm thinking about healthcare reform so much this week, I'm slapping this up and thinking about Kennedy and his lost Senate seat and lost Senate voice.  I guess Teddy Kennedy is living proof that a man can redeem himself from the seemingly unredeemable (think Chappaquiddick) but he really did much good. I can't imagine what he'd say looking at the mess of the present bill. Well, being Irish, I actually can. I'm just not going to put it in print. Anyway, had he lived, I really wonder if we would have not had a much better and stronger bill. Who knows- we might have even had some reform.

Wouldn't it be nice if St. Patrick could come and drive the snakes out of Congress?

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  1. Quoth Jericho Barrons, "Stay to the lights." There's a good [Irish] redemption story for ya. :D :D :D