Saturday, March 13, 2010

PC #4

Let's just hope this one doesn't get screwed up like my other posts today. Let's see, is the font in black on a black background? Hope not. Been there and done that today. Maybe I should let it autocenter the image? Yeah. That's gonna work just fine for me.

Canopy Creek by Digital Blasphemy

This image was originally posted by Ilona Andrews on her blog as a possible visual for her forthcoming book Bayou Moon. I'm putting it here for a certain Kitty. Because it's green and grand. And because I posted the tiger picture on top of her name in the blog post below. Because I'm having some day and just stepped on my littlest cat on top of everything. Sometimes, we all just need a Zen moment. So here's a bit of Zen greenery.

Edited to note: blogger and I have a serious difference of opinion over what centered above the text means. At least according to my Safari and Chrome browsers...

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