Friday, March 12, 2010

What a world, what a world...

Well, as most of my readers know, I'm a Guardian ad Litem advocating for the interests of children in foster care down here in Miami. I've spent a good fraction of my week dealing with the unhappy case of a very unhappy and unwell child. I'm really considering whether we should just try suing the Miami Dade County Public School system on her behalf, for violation of her rights under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. That, and a few other things lately have left me feeling like I'm the Wicked Witch of the West. Hopefully Elphaba style. When people who keep messing up this child's care start telling me that they'll only attend meetings to query the situation along with their union representative, I start wishing I had my magic wand. Really I do.

It's tough to feel that you spend your days bitterly complaining, even if it's on behalf of a child who cannot complain for herself (or at least she can't do so appropriately and civilly). Or that your general perception in the minds of others is just a word that rhymes with witch, even if what you think you're asking for is not just reasonable but mandated by federal law. Yep, it's days like these that just wear you down.

I'm in dire need of something to feel right and good about. Sigh.... And so I can look at Mexico City and Washington DC moving forward with same sex marriage and be happy for the couples who've stuck together and are clearly meant for each other, as opposed to the heart-wrenching story of heterosexual propriety on my friend Personal Failure's current post today. PF is just the bomb. How she continues to find the emotional and intellectual energy to stand up for rights day after day is an inspiration. Actually, I think I'm gonna stop right here and tell you all to just go read PF for a bit. But before I go, I'm offering up another palate cleanser. It's a shout-out to a certain Nymph to thank her for introducing me to PF.

Edited to add:

Please to accept Palate Cleanser for Mrs. Waltz?

Mr. James McAvoy, HQ Shoot, unknown photographer


  1. But...but....*I* introduced Nymph to PF!!
    (Yes, I'm fishing for JMcA pictures, please.)

  2. Ooh! I think I'll be a Leimakid today [a meadow nymph] and roll about in fields of ranunculus! :*

    PF really is the bomb, isn't she? As are you. You two make quite an ass-kicking, name-taking pair, and don't let anyone ever denigrate you for doing it. :p

  3. Mrs. Waltz, we are grateful to you!

  4. Your gratitude is duly noted. And WOW did you show it.