Saturday, March 27, 2010

Gays Attending Proms as a Civil Right

Constance McMillen you're a Goddess!!!
(source: Associated Press Staff Photographer)

I've been busy with a sick child but, of course, my mind still churns away. And what have I been thinking about? I've been thinking about my tax dollars and public schools...

Since public school is partly funded with my tax payer dollars, all I can say is:

Dance with whomever the F@#$ you please!!!!

Prom is one of those 'life, liberty and pursuit of happiness' deals. Especially on the tax payer dime.

I simply do not understand school districts and regions who would rather punish the majority than permit the minority to dance with whatever partner they're crushing on. (Additional article)

Oh wait a minute... by punishing the majority you can foster hate for the minority. Yeah, now I get it. Right... let's make everyone think they can't have Prom because of the gay girl. Yeah. For sure.

Message to the establishment:

Prom night is stupid and I skipped it and went out somewhere else with friends as a 'sticking it to the man' statement about the establishment. And newsflash! in high school, with one surprise exception, I already knew who was gay and who was straight in 1976. And I didn't give a damn about who they were dancing with, making out with, or any of that. But actually, knowing that the principal of my school broke up the marriage between teachers Mr. And Mrs. B. and got Mrs. B. pregnant was kind of a way worse example of morals than knowing Dave W. liked boys. Dave W. was so very sweet and talented. And he still is. 

Obviously, I will be joining Personal Failure in Hell. I'm so very proud. At least I know I'll be in good company, have stimulating conversation and read good books.

And Constance, if you ever read this, you're the BOMB for sticking up for what you believe in at an age when so many kids couldn't tell you what a civil right was if their life depended on it...


  1. My high school turned away a girl who chose to wear a tux rather than a dress. There were other behavioral issues involved, and she was expelled the next year apparently, but the prom thing? The tux was literally the only reason they took issue with her that night. *does not compute*

    Of course, it was Catholic school, so whaddayawant? Yikes.

  2. Was the priest upset she wasn't really a boy under that tux?

  3. Hmmm, it might be the "Home of the brave" there, as illustrated by Constance but "Land of the free". Hmmmmm? Perhaps if you're a white heterosexual male.