Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Palate Cleanser #62 Raptor Style


Photograph by Jis Jose, My Shot (National Geographic)
This Month in Photo of the Day: Animals
This owl is at the Carolina Raptor Center in Huntersville, North Carolina.

© Bright Nepenthe, 2010


  1. I LOVE owls! They are my very favorite bird! I have owl calls and often sit on my porch/in my yard and talk to them

  2. I'll second the love for owls. Can I put in a vote for foxes, next? 'Cause I have a great fondness for them, too.

    (Appropos of nothing: I once had a Vampire: The Masquerade character whose shapeshifting allowed him to turn into a fox and an owl, instead of the more usual bat and wolf.)

  3. Last time I floated the swamp, about a month ago, I saw six or eight Barred Owls. As I type this, my pen holder has a wing feather I picked up on the riverbank that measures 17 x 2 inches.
    It's nepenthe-y.

  4. Michael, I assume you have seen your vulpine PC by now?

    Uzza, how delightful!!!! And I'm glad you can post comments again! :)

    jen, I'm filled with envy. We used to have more owls here in Miami. But it's not that friendly a place these days for owls and so many people poison rats and other rodents, which likely ends up poisoning the owls. :(