Thursday, July 15, 2010

Top Ten Reasons That The Catholic Church Is A Disaster

Waving Parishioners Buh-Bye...

10. Calls proven allegations of pedophile priests "petty gossip".

9. Calls criticism of the Vatican a "media plot".

8. Continues to talk about the pedophilia problem in the Church in compartmentalized fashion rather than acknowledging pervasive abuse that was tolerated for decades if not centuries.

7. Expresses outrage that Belgian authorities don't believe Church will turn over evidence of pedophile priests.

6. Castigates Archbishop of Vienna for speaking out about Vatican blocking of abuse investigations.

5. Trots out Vatican Secretary of State to say pedophilia in the priesthood is really just a homosexuality problem.

4. Thinks priests having sex with adolescents doesn't really count as pedophilia.

3. Mentions ordination of women in SAME STATEMENT with pedophilia, committed for decades by priests. 

2. US Conference of Bishops calls the Vatican's new guidelines "a welcome clarification" while ignoring the sheer insult of associating ordination of women as priests with PEDOPHILIA, both to women and to the victims of pedophile priests.


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  1. Now Dennis, I'm NOT into name-calling, so please stop calling yourself a little idiot, okay? I mean really, can't we just say you're annoying or intrusive? Calling yourself an idiot is really harsh.

  2. Dennis, I'm as touched by your concern for me as i am impressed by your ability to hack into systems and make proxy servers.

    The one in the Netherlands is REALLY creative Dennis. Do you speak Dutch as well as French and English?

    I can talk about RELIGION because I am free to do so. And, like, I was born to a family that's Catholic, okay? And I'm half-Irish. My great uncle was even a Deacon. So, like, I've got chops on the issue, Dennis. And it's a free country and blogopshere.

    How are things in Quebec?

  3. Marzie, I was just about to send you this link...

    Catholics angry as church puts female ordination on par with sex abuse

    ...but I see you've already addressed this particular piece of insanity.