Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Palate Cleanser #69, La Tulipe Noire

(attribution unknown)

While on the subject of my current obsession with les fleurs noires, I am of a mind to recall the wonderful novella, La Tulipe Noire by Alexander Dumas père. I loved the story when I was a child and once was fluent enough in French to read the novella in its original language. Sigh. Long, long ago. Now, I struggle to read Le Monde on the pros and cons of the niqāb ban.

In addition to the Sorbet Black Delight violas, Les Comtesses Portland(s) Communes will have black tulips. I'm sure of it. Really I am. Because Les
Comtesses love all thinks purple and black and green.

I'm really thinking we'll have lots of beautiful gardens and there will be no children breaking our fleurs with their basketballs, frisbees or boomerangs. I'm just not sure what we'll do about all the cats that will be flocking to join Les Chats des Les Comtesses, however. Perhaps Les Deux Chiens will keep interlopers out of the gardens.

I so wish I was in Portland or Portland today.

Le sigh encore.

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  1. I think we should have one big English garden (wild vines everywhere! cobbled paths that lead to secret alcoves! ridiculously fat roses!) and one big French garden (ridiculously manicured color blocs with opulent classicist fountains! mazes!).