Friday, July 16, 2010

Palate Cleanser #65, Deep Sea Version

These gorgeous images (a shout out to Jen!) come to us from the lovely and thoughtful Sally, all the way from Down Under! Hey Dani, doesn't the red one look like a Chihuly?

Deep-sea red jellyfish Atolla has been identified by scientists from the Queensland Brain Institute using high-tech cameras at the Osprey Reef in the Coral Sea, some 350kms north-east of Cairns / AFP

This Peraphilla deep-sea jellyfish is well adapted to its dark environment / AFP

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  1. beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. I love invertebrates above all else!

    Thank you Marzie and Sally

  2. Oh, WOW! That's crazy cool!!! It does look like a Chihuly and just as enjoyable but without the high price tag! As they say, "the best things in life are free".

    Sally, Marzie, those are amazing photos! Thanks for sharing. :D