Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Buzz in the Bay Area

A honeybee enjoys verbascum (Image credit: Annie's Annuals)

Well, friends in Sonoma County have alerted me to the fact that Annie's Annuals in the East Bay Area is hosting a bee-friendly lecture by Diana Sylvestre of the Yellow Dot Project this Saturday. Yellow Dot is a project of the Sonoma County Beekeepers Association which helps identify bee-friendly plants in nurseries.

Since my mother pretty much lives and breathes Annie's Annuals, I can't miss the chance to mention how cool I think it is that they are encouraging homeowners to have bee-friendly plants and to consider keeping bees.

Oh, and I just wanted to say thank you to my very kind friend, who found this picture of the dahlia that I can't grow, about which I was ranting about only last month, with a bee on it. It's just the perfect marriage of good and evil.

Dahlia imperialis with bee. It wouldn't really look good in my garden, anyway. Right?