Saturday, June 5, 2010

Ignorance and lack of impartiality in White House reporting...

There are a plethora of opinions about the rights and wrongs of the flotilla incident but there can be no mistake that historically Jews have lived in the Palestine for millennia. Helen Thomas has lost her credibility in my mind both because of her lack of impartiality and because of her ignorance about Sabras in Israel. According to Wikipedia in 2010, more than 4 million Jews are Sabras. They ARE home. Thomas and Hearst are shamed by her words.

Edited to add letter to Hearst Media:

To Hearst Media:

I demand that Ms. Thomas be removed from her position, if not relieved of her job. Whether she is showing signs of dementia or is inherently anti-Semitic, her words declare her both biased and ignorant. Sabras have lived in the Palestine for thousands of years. I believe they built a few temples there, in fact. Long before Christ and long before Muhammed showed up.

Ms. Thomas is an embarrassment to your organization.


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