Saturday, June 19, 2010

Palate Cleanser #50

Well, in spite of the fact that I'm in the midst of researching solitary bees and still mulling over my in-progress but much stalled post on parental leave in various countries and the US, and the really odd, small world connection of a deceased sea turtle expert and the mother of my youngest's best friend, I thought I'd slap up another pretty. 

Apologies to those expecting a James McAvoy  palate cleanser. I really have to see what I can dig up for you. It turns out not just La Comtesse revisée likes JMcA. There are other 'takers' out there.... Oh dear. Hmmmmm.

Until then, we'll have to make due with this lovely Aquilegia. I'm très grateful that Annie's Annuals doesn't have this in production right now because I'd be desperate to try to get my mom to try it in her fuss garden. (The one where she tries to fuss over all the things that have no business growing in So. Florida where the overnight low was 82 F according to my thermometer) Le Sighs...

Aquilegia chrysantha  'Wild Form'

So more later. Bees, oil executives sailing in yachts while oil spills all over the Gulf of Mexico (*cough* Hayward again?) and maybe something on video games in which women shoot men who talk to them in ways that are annoying.

Happy Saturday! À bientot...

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