Tuesday, June 22, 2010


The Sound of Falling Water, 2009, by Milen Milenovic

New House, soon, maybe soon, someday soon ➔ Paternity leave in Sweden vs. Australian legislator with redundant stupid and offensive commentary genes? ➔ What do you mean it failed the Zoning Inspection? ➔ Hey Baby video game violence ➔ Board Meeting ➔ Horrendous mental health facilities in Jakarta ➔ Oil companies will lie to us about anything (← and we let them!) and can self-regulate about as well as a fox can regulate itself with chickens ➔ Small world grows smaller when Flip's BFF Connor's mom's PhD advisor is one deceased Peter Lutz I wanted to keep all these books why? ➔ Joe Barton must secretly be trying to help the Democrats look respectable  ➔ Eugenics? You mean Huxley was really onto something there? ➔ Will the work on the house ever be done? ➔ People get so angry when you use their photos without permission but, like, only Julie really even bothers to reply to emails and she's the one photographer you'd think would be too busy to reply, right? (C'est vrai Michel et Natalya, c'est vrai) ➔ I'm sorry, Cornell is allowing this doctor to do what to little girls? ➔  Yes, you really have to pack your things and get all this stuff done, no the movers won't do it for you, really they won't A female condom that hurts the rapist sounds good in theory but what if the rapist gets angry and kills you? ➔ Poor little Evil Princess of Darkness... ➔ Hydraulic fracture for 'clean' natural gas and *cough* Halliburton? Danger Will Robinson! ➔ House, house, house ➔ Seriously, how brave is Kalima Salik? ➔ Board MeetingJudge Martin Feldman says that moratorium is all wrong ➔ And then all we have to do is finish the painting, install the new alarm system, call the plumber to look at that drip, get some furniture delivered, get the zoning inspection, stain the wood on the decks again ➔  ➔  ➔  ➔ Looks back at past few days....


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