Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Okay, if....

there was a conventional God, as in someone responsible (there is so little evidence in my mind that there is, other than DNA polymerases or something else that is just so freakily error free, for the most part, that it gives me pause for thought), I'd have to thank him for the Hanalei Valley taro fields. Because they're so beautiful. They lower my not all that elevated blood pressure and just make me... happy. I haven't been to Hanalei since 2000. That is very wrong. I really hope my husband reads this post and takes it under advisement.

(from Nature Wallpapers, attribution unknown)

My two desirable places to retire, eventually, are Portland, Oregon and Kilauea, Kauai. Currently though, Kilauea is the vacation commune for Les Comtesses. I don't think they know that yet. If we build it, they will definitely come. Because it's totally awesome and Les Comtesses so very much deserve quiet beauty and the ability to read without constant interruption. 

It's even more serene than a bunch of taro fields in Hanalei.

(Staff photographer,
Calgon, Take me away...

I'd give anything (sort of) to be there right now.

(Hawai'i Magazine, photographer unknown)

Le sigh.


  1. Le sigh indeed. Very much le sigh.

    Cette Comtesse-ci has never been to Hawaii. But this makes it look just about worth the plane ride...

  2. Kauai and the Big Island have some mighty nice (and quiet) areas. Even some of the beaches are nice. I think I did one PC of the Queen's cove at Polihale Beach? You drive through five minutes of fields (that's a lot of driving through fields, don't kid yourself) to get there. Like... on the dirt and mud. I think of the four times I've been there, one time I saw another person (other than my husband) Yeah, one time.

    My kind of place...

  3. Wow, Hanalei is beautiful. No wonder Puff the Magic Dragon chose to live there. I'd be frolicking, too.