Thursday, June 10, 2010

Oof Echo...

Windflowers by John William Waterhouse

A salute to La Belle Nymphe.


  1. I love this one juxtaposed with Boreas. They could be such similar paintings - pretty young women in the wind, in a bucolic setting - but the girl in Windflowers looks so carefree and somehow insouciant, whereas Boreas gives a sense of hunkering down and trying to protect oneself. Really, even though the settings are almost identical (I think he may have used the same area to set both of them, even though one has a stream, and mountains in the back, and one doesn't), they're just very, very different paintings.

  2. I'm sure you know which direction I'm hoping things will evolve...

  3. Indeed. As am I.

    The cat just randomly looked at me as though I were insane. Do you think he's trying to say it's hopeless?

  4. I think HSH is merely conveying his thoughts on absorption with anything other than HSH. Highly inappropriate to be absorbed in such things as Waterhouse paintings when you have a charming furperson at hand.

  5. He was lying on my lap at the time, blissed out and purring, and then he just randomly opened his eyes like, "WTF, woman?" I think he objected to my typing, even though I was doing it one-handed and using the other hand to skritch his head. I guess I just don't know how to treat a prince.

    HSH would like me to point out that there aren't more cats in paintings because only dogs and humans are dumb enough to sit still for that long and to not be asleep while doing so.