Friday, June 4, 2010

Natural! Chemical Free!

In my emailbox this morning: an advert for an Avon product line called Naturals. Telling me that the product is great because it's natural!

Okay, I admit this is a pet peeve and I probably shouldn't be blogging before coffee (always dangerous... don't try that at home, folks). And I just LOVE products that are chemical free, too. Makes this little chemist head of mine explode.

Anyway, just to vent, here's something so lovely and so very natural.

llustration of STRYCHNOS Nux vomica L. 107 (Strychnos nux-vomixa L., strychnine tree) K√∂hler's Medizinal-Pflanzen in naturgetreuen Abbildungen mit kurz erl√§uterndem Texte : Atlas zur Pharmacopoea germanica from Wikimedia Commons

Yeah. That's right, it's the strychnine tree. It's 100% natural and has purdy fleurs to boot!

Maybe chemical free is more your style? Personally, I'd have to say that my idea of chemical free is out in the vacuum of space. Except even there there are these occasional pockets of nasty chemicals called stars and planets and even, gasp! artificial satellites. 

But other people have other ideas about what chemical free means. They don't think it means a bottle MADE of chemicals that's empty inside, because of course anything you'd put in there is... doh, chemicals! Oh no. See there's chemical free cleaners and chemical free sun screen (what's in 'em I wonder?).


And there's also my personal fave: (Not even H2O? No vitamins and minerals? Wow. Isn't that child neglect or something?)



  1. "chemical-free" anything is such an oxymoron. And when referring to people who use the term ill advisedly, I always think about the "moron" part of oxymoron...

    Sorry, I'm feeling very hostile right now.

  2. hehe, yet another of my bugbears.

    At the dentist once hewas saying that his nurse was strung up on caffeine products because she had a hangover and he was letting her know it's not a good thing.

    She said in her defence "but it's all natural" and through my mouthful of instruments in a way she couldn't understand but the dentist could, I immediately replied "so's curare". The dentist near choked laughing at that.