Tuesday, June 15, 2010

You know you're liberal when...

in spite of the fact that you hate the totally ruined Gulf of Mexico, you're massively offended by Rep. Cao (R-LA) saying that in the past BP execs in another place and time would have committed Hara Kiri.

Okay, WHAT? I'm sorry, did I get that straight? Did a US Representative from Louisiana just somehow implicitly suggest that executives from British Petroleum Corporation and Transocean Corporation should commit suicide?


First, there's this little thing I have about thinking life after birth is rather valuable. Even BP executives represent life. 

Yeah, I know, that whole twelve to sixteen fetal weeks thing is such a kicker for me. As anyone who reads this blog knows, I'm pro-life-that's-already-here. No news there. And so, 

I don't think that BP execs should get the easy out and inappropriate and immoral (in this specific situation) exit of suicide.

No indeedy.

British Petroleum needs to stick around. To make things RIGHT. They need to be a role model for society by sticking their nose to the grindstone and cleaning up the mess they wrought and taking the public criticism while they do so. Because their company, their decisions, their shortcuts (oh man were there shortcuts... Jen and about three other readers emailed me the same article...) are both their responsibility and ours.

Why ours?

We let them make those decisions because of our addiction to SUVs and Big Cars and Driving and OIL. (Unless you use only public transportation all the time, don't even think to argue...)

So they don't get the easy-out and WE don't get the easy-out.

They suck. Really they do. But you know what? All of us, including me, Ms. Hybrid Car driver, probably have some degree of responsibility. Unless we're using entirely solar, geothermal, hydro or some other energy source, we are likely petroleum or in general carbon-based, energy consumers.

It's all our fault and NONE OF US get to commit Hara Kiri in my world view. 

What we get to do is figure out how to fix things. 

Not just leaks, but longterm plans.

Give me solar, wind, geothermal, and nuclear, in locations appropriate for each.

Give me, and my children and grandchildren, a FUTURE.

NASA satellite image.

Edited to note: In case it's not clear from the foregoing, which admittedly became rather tangential to Rep. Cao's comments, I think that Rep. Cao is incredibly inappropriate and obnoxious. What he said was 26 ways of wrong and he ought to be made to apologize or face censure.

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