Monday, June 21, 2010

Gasland by Josh Fox

I've been so busy the past two days and have not had a chance to finish a single post. What I did make time for and what EVERYONE in the US needs to make time for is Gasland by Josh Fox. And really if you're in Europe, Australia or Africa you probably should as well. I urge you, if you are fond of drinking water, to watch this film any way that you can. You think that BP and the petroleum industry lies threaten your future? Check out the drinking water after hydraulic fracturing of shale. It's happened across large swaths of this country.

Read more about Gasland (be sure to check out the map, folks) and see how to contact your legislators to advocate against hydraulic fracture methods, go to Gasland.

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  1. Equally as frightening-and far more irresponsible-is the government's/power lobby's/uninformed environmentalist's idea to sequester CO2 ( carbon dioxide) in the ground The oil/gas companies re currently allowed to inject CO2 into rock, from which they have withdrawn oil, in order to keep the area from collapsing. There are plans to do it on a very large scale. Should one of these large scale injection area "safeguards" fail, there would be a massive release of CO2 into the atmosphere and an equally as massive die-off of all life. Except plants and trees.

  2. We won't even have plants and trees if we have no water.