Monday, June 14, 2010

Neda's Death... What does it really mean? Has anything changed as a result?

On the heels of a discussion earlier today with a friend about whether anything has changed at all in Iran, I received this lovely email from H.B. suggesting I take a look at this video report about For Neda, and whether anything has changed in Iran as a result of the Green Movement and Neda's death.

Even if we see only quiet remembrance of Neda's sacrifice for the cause of freedom, I have to believe one thing has definitely changed:

How scared is Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of one slim documentary and the fact that no one but no one believes that Neda's death was anything other than murder at the hands of his administration?

Thank you H.B. and thanks to readers who engaged in lively discussion on the subject of the courage of the Iranian people. For anyone who says that the fire of last summer has died, I wonder if you would stand up in front of armed police for your right to have your vote count. How many of you sat quietly in 2000 when Al Gore had the election stolen in Florida or again in 2004 when votes were mysteriously overcounted by a factor of a hundred in some counties in Ohio in favor of George Bush?

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