Thursday, June 24, 2010

Gillard's Ascension!

Aussie PM Julia Gillard (Image Credit: Fairfax Media)

Julia Gillard has just become Australia's first female Prime Minister! Born in Wales in 1961, her family emigrated to Australia in 1966. A 48 year old lawyer, she now leads Australia's Labor Party. By all accounts she is a strong leader and has fared well in ignoring drivel polls such as this one (which came up as one of the highest hits on my Google search) while Deputy PM. CNN quoted her as saying "The government was losing its way..."  so I'm seriously hoping she can have a chat with Australian Senator Steve Fielding (Family First Party) because the man is not just lost but confused and rather objectionably misogynist.

My friend Sally seems hyped and quite proud about Ms. Gillard's ascension to PM. She sent me an article with a list of all the women leaders of the past fifty years. I'm excited for Sally and for all Aussie women. I hope it ushers in a positive change for their leadership and the political ethos Down Under. Mind you, Sally tells me that not only is Ms. Gillard not married to her partner Tim Mathieson, but she's also a declared atheist! I'm loving her more and more and thinking that Australia must be worlds ahead of the US.

Frankly, in recent days, as I contemplate the Obama administration and the BP oil spill, I have to say I wonder if Hillary Clinton would have given that weak speech that Obama did last week from the Oval Office. Somehow, I just have to think she might have had a stronger voice and a stronger response to the whole issue. But maybe that's my naïveté in thinking that Big Oil hasn't bought Washington lock, stock and *cough* barrel.

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